Efficia is an events management and marketing company. The brand was in need of a new logo, business card, and homepage design. They approached me to help them get those projects accomplished. They already had a font they wanted to use for their logo (Zapfino) and a basic color scheme for the brand in mind. With those decisions already made I set about finding a way to put all of the pieces together. What I ultimately landed on was creating an identity that was based on the concept of constant movement through the use of the circle. It needed to say I am efficient and elegant, but a little bit laid back, which is why we chose warm happy colors for the brands identity.  Efficiabrandlogistics.com

The company also want the site to be designed and implemented using a readily available web application. This would allow them full access to maintaining and managing updates on their own. They had chosen Wix prior to hiring me so this was the application we worked in. I only developed the home page design. The rest of the site was designed and created by Efficia Branding and Logistics.

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